SphereApt Software

A solution built specifically for hotels, condominiums, and luxury apartment buildings. Easy mail and package delivery management to residents and the public who may be utilizing the facility as a coworking space.

Offer personalized service to your residents and the public. Free up concierge manager's time by automating postal mail and package delivery. Give your residents and the public the luxury of accessing and viewing their mail instantly and from the convenience of their mobile devices or the web.


  • Generate additional revenue.

  • No setup or implementation fees.

  • Instant automatic notifications when mail arrives.

  • Residents can request their postal mail to be forwarded, scanned, or discarded.

  • Automatically forward postal mail and packages.

  • Offer virtual phone numbers and live answering.

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  • Secure mail management

    Allows concierge mangers to receive and automatically notify residents for their packages and other vital mail items securely.

  • Paper trail and storage

    Eliminate your mailroom storage space; instead, digitize, store, and track your organization's postal mail all in the cloud.

  • Automatic mail forwarding

    Your staff want their postal mail shipped out? No problem! Instantly print a paid shipping label with these carriers: USPS, Canada Post, UK Royal Mail, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and many more.

  • Offer a la carte mail concierge service

    Whether your residents are traveling or not, now thet have the luxury to request their mail to forwarded, scanned or discarded on request.

  • SphereApt reports

    Evaluate current and new relationships with residents and suppliers with full access to daily activity and financial reporting.

  • Connect all your buildings under one network

    Don't lose your residents to the competition. You can easily transfer your residents between locations while keeping all their data and mail information intact.

What to expect from SphereMail?

  • Easy startup

    Once you sign up, your operator account will go live within 24hrs. It allows you to automatically sign-up customers and manage your customers' postal mail.

  • Transition physical customers

    SphereMail allows your customers to sign into a secure online platform to view and manage their postal mail from any place.

  • Remote access to physical mail

    Why manage your customers/members' postal mail via email or phone calls? Just import your current customers into SphereMail and let us do the rest. Our system automatically notifies your customers when a mail item arrives.

  • Manage Scans, Forwards, & Shreds

    Automatic mail scanning and forwarding. The expedient way to scan postal mail, process forwards, and mail shredding cuts 75% of your administration time.

Process postal mail remotely

Simplify your remote employees' access to their postal mail from anywhere