SphereCampus Software

Never lose your relationship with your colleagues and classmates. Our solution built specifically for Colleges, Universities, and Fraternity/Dorm housing. Students and Faculty members can access, view and manage their postal mail from anywhere.

SphereMail solution resolved the tedious process for mailroom administrators going through sorting postal mail and manually administering this process on a daily basis. This process can be automatically and remotely accessed online or from a mobile device.


  • Postal mail access 24/7.

  • Remove the need to have a mail attendant at all times.

  • Automatic notification when postal mail and packages arrive or are shipped.

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  • Secure mail management

    Allows mailroom administrators to securely receive postal mail and packages, and notify their faculty members and students automatically.

  • Text and email notifications

    With our immediate automatic alerts, there is no need to notify your users by manually sending individual emails or text messages.

  • Print pre-paid shipping labels

    Shipping mail is made easier than ever! Instantly print the shipping label with prepaid postage using USPS, Canada Post, UK Royal Mail, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and many more.

  • Mail insertion/entry

    Our smart platform allows mailroom administrators to insert and notify staff members of incoming mail automatically. Ask us how!

  • SphereCampus reports

    Gain full access to mail activity reporting to evaluate current and new relationships with faculty members and students.

  • University and College-level system

    Whether it is one campus or 10, the system can easily manage mail between facilities, nationally or internationally.

What to expect from SphereMail?

  • Very fast implementation, in 24hrs!

    Once we understand your needs, our professional staff will have your account ready to go within 24 hours.

  • Dedicated server and customized configurations

    Having your own dedicated server and utilizing our full open API allows for maximum security while keeping a closed system and network.

  • Remote access to physical mail

    SphereMail allows your employees to sign into a secure closed network platform where they can view and manage their postal mail online or from a mobile device.

  • Manage postal mail and packages

    Automatic mail scanning and forwarding. The expedient way to scan postal mail, process forwards, and mail shredding cuts 75% of your administration time.

Process postal mail remotely

Simplify your remote employees' access to their postal mail from anywhere