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  • Founded in 2011

    SphereMail was founded in 2011 in downtown Santa Monica, California.

  • Cloud-based

    Our solution simplifies tracking postal mail and packages for customers and employees.

  • Remote access

    The software lets you access and manage postal mail remotely online or via the mobile app.

To provide a world-class solution that allows businesses to start, manage and scale their business from anywhere in the world.

Mission statement

Our Core Values

We strive to be a company where everyone is excited to come to work and has the support they need to bring their best. Our core values ensure we deliver on that. They’re the blueprint for how we lead our lives – both in and out of the workplace.

Why Us

Why Us

  • Expertise

    Leverage over a decade of SphereMail experience in planning and developing a full suite of products that supports the hybrid and remote workplace, including digitized mail-handling infrastructure.

  • Tailored Solution

    We provide off-the-shelf and customized solutions through our white-label API integration.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    Our SaaS-based solution and outsourced labor force provide a great cost advantage for you.

  • All-around, Comprehensive Solution

    Our wide range list of products and services allows you to select all or one that fits your needs.

Mailroom Automation

The idea came to us while operating our four coworking spaces, as we found there was a real need for an application to resolve postal mail tracking and handling for individuals and businesses alike and to resolve mailroom operations overall.

Efficient Mail Management

The lack of such services makes it challenging for businesses to process, manage and track high mail volume. Forget about re-inventing the wheel; our mobile and web application integrates easily with any website, or you can utilize our open API.

We work with some amazing customers

We specialize in working with corporation, coworking spaces, retail pack and ship stores or any company with wants to effectively and efficiently process mail corporate for their employees.

Meet our Team

  • Hasan Mirjan

    Hasan Mirjan

    Founder / CEO

  • Linda Treffry

    Linda Treffry

    Senior Vice President

  • Blanca Kanotz

    Blanca Kanotz

    Director Business Development

  • Faye Jarow

    Faye Jarow

    Business Development Representative

  • Sebastien Mirolo

    Sebastien Mirolo

    Systems Architect

  • Aamena Ibrahim

    Aamena Ibrahim

    Technical Writer

  • Alexander Sinishin

    Alexander Sinishin

    Director of Development

  • Roman Kovbasyuk

    Roman Kovbasyuk

    Head Designer / Front-end developer

  • Ira Rohovaia

    Ira Rohovaia

    UX/UI Designer

  • Maksym Pavlov

    Maksym Pavlov

    Head of Development

  • Dmitry Desyatov

    Dmitry Desyatov

    Front-end developer

  • Yen Ha

    Yen Ha


  • Muhammad Shihata

    Muhammad Shihata

    Front-end Developer

  • Hussien Alaa

    Hussien Alaa

    Mobile Developer

  • Hanaa Elsabagh

    Hanaa Elsabagh

    Operations Manager

How to contact us?

For non-support related questions you can contact us directly at


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