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Firstbase Case Study

API Integration

Full Stack API integration with SphereMail allowed Firstbase to implement cutting-edge technologies with fewer development resources and to quickly adapt to customer requirements.


  • Automated US address registration
  • Digital mail handling workflow
  • New revenue opportunity
  • Lack of industry experience


  • Fast time to market, 60 days or less
  • 12+ years of SphereMail experience
  • Global Reporting capabilities
  • Off the shelf white labeling option


Firstbase was faced with a "Buy vs. Build" decision in order to offer an automated web-based US Address registration service along with basic mail handling to their customers. The US Address registration required a brick-and-mortar physical location along with an automated notarization workflow of the US Postal Form 1583. The registration process was to be accessible by any customer from anywhere in the world.


Firstbase selected the SphereMail Full Stack API integration in order to deploy quickly and bypass the extended time to market that would be required if they decided to develop a new system. Firstbase registered 1,100 new customers within the first month of deployment.



Leverage the 12+ years of SphereMail experience in planning and developing a digitized mail handling infrastructure.

Fast Time To Market

Time to market is typically 60 days or less, depending on functional requirements.

Global Reports

Unrestricted access to SphereMail global reporting capabilities for effective management of Firstbase business.

Seamless Software Updates

Ongoing and automatic software updates from SphereMail provides ongoing innovation and new avenues of revenue growth.

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