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University Cowork Case Study

White Label for Multi-Location Operators

A Premium White Label account option from SphereMail allows businesses to present innovative services as a seamless rebranded offering across multiple locations.


  • Ability to rebrand and resell
  • Seamless user interface across multiple locations
  • Connection to own billing system
  • Set own profit margins


  • Quick and easy deployment
  • 12+ years of SphereMail experience
  • Global Reporting capabilities
  • Full control of profit margin, no need to share revenue


University Cowork want the ability to offer digital mail handling and virtual office subscription packages to their customers without any brand reference to SphereMail as a third party software provider. When a client has multiple locations, a consistent "look and feel" using their own branding is important along with global reporting capabilities across all locations.


University Cowork select the SphereMail Premium White Label option to mask all reference to the SphereMail brand on their subscription page URL and customer facing portal. By connecting their accounts to their own billing system, the client then has full control of their profit margins by setting customer price points and managing their own cash flow.



Leverage the 12+ years of SphereMail experience in planning and developing a digitized mailing handling infrastructure.

Easy Rebranding and Deployment

Off the shelf account configuration allows for quick and easy rebranding and deployment.

Global Reports

Unrestricted access to SphereMail global reporting cababilities for effective management of Firstbase business.

Full Control of Profit Margins

Easy connection to own billing system without the need to share revenue with a third party provider.

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